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We've helped hundreds of businesses weigh the pros and cons of switching to cloud hosting - it is not an easy or simple decision to make.  

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To help, we developed a proprietary calculator to help companies quickly and easily determine whether switching to cloud hosting will save you money.  




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"Converting to Attivo's Cloud system has been a game changer for our small company, alleviating the need for pricey in-house servers and the IT staff to maintain them. Things work seamlessly and now allow for work at home if needed without any special software."

- Jill Wadle
Matting by Design (Sbemco)

"One of the best business decision I ever made was to simplify my life and get out of the IT business. We moved our Macola system to the Attivo Private Cloud, and I have never been more pleased."

- Hank Pepper, President
FH Pumps

"Thanks to Attivo’s great service we were able to successfully launch our Macola cloud server in record time, even during the Covid-19 pandemic."

- Neil Hartbarger
Dura Magnetics





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